With Eleven by Amelia, you're not just wearing an outfit; you're flowing through life with style. Our mission: “Express every story with style; let your heart lead the tale.”

~About Eleven by Amelia~

Born on the symbolic eleventh of November, Eleven by Amelia embodies the serendipity of the number 11 — a beacon of intuitive calling. We believe that every woman has a story, a personal tale that resonates with her soul. Our brand's essence lies in helping you narrate that story through thoughtfully styled outfits.

To wear Eleven by Amelia is not just to dress but to experience a transformation, where an outfit becomes a vessel of empowerment, making you feel wholesome, rejuvenated, and reborn. We understand the profound impact the right attire can have on one’s spirit.

At our core is the freedom to let your heart guide your narrative. Our values are deeply rooted in 'Walking the Talk', ensuring reliability, unwavering dedication, commitment, and unwavering integrity of character. We place paramount importance on honouring wisdom, showcasing uniqueness through our pillars of responsibility and authenticity, and perpetually championing the virtues of Truth.

Here, an outfit becomes more than cloth — it’s an intentional and intuitive choice that will be a talisman of serendipity, bestowing the wearer with the very essence of luck itself.

Welcome to Eleven. I'm Amélia, wishing you all the best and good fortune.